The following document details the extra regulations placed up on this sites Chat Moderators that must be adhered to. These must also be followed by any Administrators or Bureaucrats that wish to moderate the chat.

General Edit

The Chat Moderators of this wiki need to be:

  • Polite to all users old and new
  • Helpful, this entails giving user links to proper guides or guiding them yourself when needed
  • Watchful, this means that if issues arise in chat you need to be able to respond accordingly
  • Hands off, not everything needs to be moderated and not every dispute needs action

Behaviour Edit

Chat Moderators need to be more outstanding than the average user so as to be able to help in a more polite and friendly manner. Language is not usually a big deal when used by moderators except when used as insults against users and other chat moderators alike. Nasty, spiteful, and out right rude behaviour is not tolerated from any of the chat moderators or moderating administrators or bureaucrats.

Action Edit

For the most part disciplinary action is left up to the moderators discretion unless it is deemed too extreme by other chat moderators/administrators/bureaucrats and in which case can be reversed or lessened. In the case that one moderator has complaints about the actions of another they are urged to speak to site administrators/bureaucrats accordingly.

Cross Site Issues (Wikia Only) Edit

In the case of a cross-wiki dispute/invasion it is the moderators job to quickly resolve the issue at hand but not to take charge of the situation. In the case of a cross-wiki dispute/invasion chat moderators are to hand over control of the situation to the nearest administrator/bureaucrat.

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